"Ik doe het mijn hele leven al.
Maar nu is er eindelijk een naam voor: buzzen !"
"Disrupt. Experience. Share." "The secret weapon of Word of Mouth ? The conversation starter." "...disrupt conventional thinking to get attention" "...create product and brand experiences that tell a story." "...make sharing product stories easier and more fun." "We needed a new word for the 'chattiness' of something. We called it buzzability." "95% of all tweets and facebook updates are not seen by anybody." "It's not what you hear, it's what you share." "A brand is not liked or loved because of what it says but what it does." "Advertising makes people curious. Word of Mouth makes curious people comfortable to buy." "Brand loyalty is how consumers escape decision fatigue..." "Disappointment equals expectations, minus reality" Do you have a quote that
is missing here? Ja

Wat we doen

Social Strategy

Voor merken is participatie door klanten in hun marketing een noodzaak én onbekend terrein. Elke week zijn er nieuwe instrumenten, best practices en uitdagingen. Buzzer helpt merken in alle sectoren om een pad uit te stippelen dat iedereen succesvol bij elkaar brengt.

Brand Engagement

Om loyaliteit en continue ‘buzz’ te garanderen moet je verder gaan dan acties. Betrokkenheid onstaat door een oprechte dialoog en boeiende interactie. Leiderschap, content en engagement tools zijn hiervoor nodig. Buzzer ontwikkelt al 8 jaar engagement programma’s.

Word of Mouth

Niets bepaalt het succes van producten en merken meer dan Word of Mouth. Positieve buzz is de heilige graal van elk merk. Buzzer is de grootste expert in Europa in Word of Mouth Marketing, het vak dat zorgt dat je deze kracht vergroot, stuurt en meetbaar maakt.


Organix knijpzakjes

Organix promises tasty foods for babies and toddlers. Made with only the best organic ingredients and No Junk. New in their range were the pouches. We selected 1000 mothers from our panel, with babies between six and eighteen months old, who shop at Albert Heijn. To get them to try, enjoy and recommend the new product, both on- and offline we built a C.Journey with the look and feel of the Organix brand.

Brand Engagement

iRobot Roomba

How do you adjust when a new pet enters your home? Roombas are kind of like new pets - not everybody is used to having a home robot.


Using our mobile experiences we got insight into how people interact with this product, and made them share their own content showing them using it. Thanks to the high engagement with our journeys, this resulted in a sales spike for iRobot.

Brand Engagement


The bond between a mother and her child is something special. No wonder parents are keen about talking about their kids. We used that to our advantage - conversations should be organic and pleasant, not awkward and sales-pitchy.


Our journeys help with that. In a campaign for Nutricia, we got 1.000 moms to talk about baby formula. By sharing trials with their friends and creating groups of moms to talk to, they averaged a reach of 33 conversations each, and up to 45 for active users. Happy faces all around!

Brand Engagement


Moms want to buy healthy food for their babies. But making sure there’s no junk in it is one thing - will my baby like it, is the question that drives a mom to buy.


Organix knew how to combine these two, giving a no-junk promise in a way babies would love. We got as many babies as possible to taste Organix, and their moms to spread the word about it. Using our mobile experiences we gathered insights about packaging, encouraged moms to share and got a lot of user generated content. ?

Brand Engagement


Heinz makes ketchup, right? And someone else makes mayonnaise. Well, that's history. Now you can also get Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise!


This idea was too good to be true, research showed. People had to taste it. So we came up with a Word of Mouth campaign using mobile experiences. That way, all the mayo lovers could try it themselves and tell us what they thought.

Brand Engagement


Whiskas creates pet food for the true connoisseurs among cats. Their line of wet food, Whiskas Casserole, deserved a place in the spotlight, so through our specially designed journeys, we got a huge group of cat lovers to create photos and videos of their cats, post on social media, and share the food with other cat lovers in the neighbourhood.

Brand Engagement



Buzzers zijn nieuwsgierige consumenten. Met een enorme behoefte om wat ze ontdekken te delen met anderen. Zodat ook zij een mening kunnen vormen. Als Buzzer ontdek je gratis nieuwe producten, merken, acties, platforms, websites. Schrijf je in en ontdek het.


Start the buzz.

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